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Switzerland is considered the most beautiful country in the world. Extending across the north and south side of the Alps, Switzerland comprises a great diversity of landscapes and climates. The place could be traveled the whole year. Salubrious weather condition of Switzerland makes it all time best tourist destination. Along with leisure tourism, Switzerland attracts business travelers and diplomatic travelers from around the world.

Switzerland is a developed country for it has higher per capita income than some developed western countries. A leading exporter of electronic goods, Switzerland is an amazing tourist destination attracting millions of travelers. Travelers from around the world flock in large number to enjoy pleasing weather and exciting landscape of Switzerland. Switzerland has numerous hotels located strategically. We at a1switzerlandhotels.com offer you comprehensive information on Switzerland.

Some major tourist destinations in Switzerland such as Geneva, Berne, Montreux, Zurich, Lugano, Locarno, Lucerne, St. Moritz, Lausanne, Zermatt, Interlaken, and many others are known globally among travelers. Additionally, hotels in Switzerland have reasonable tariff plans which help travelers get cheap accommodation facilities. With efforts from government encouraging travel and tourism in the country, Switzerland tourism offers many attractive tourist packages.