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Zurich is Switzerland’s main commercial and cultural centre and the capital of the canton of Zürich. Zurich Switzerland was also known as Turicum. It was a tax collecting point at the border of Gallia Belgica and Raetia. In 1218, it got a new name Reichsunmittelbar with the extinction of the main line of the Zähringer family.

The Manesse Codex; a famous illuminated manuscript requires several years work by highly skilled scribes and miniature painters. This German manuscript is a symbol of increasing wealth and pride of Zürich citizens in this period. Zürich also became a part of Swiss confederation in 1351 but was expelled in 1440. Zürich got first railway station in 1847 and was connected with Baden. Nowadays, it has become a hub of rail, road and air traffic. Some other modes of transportation include boats on the lake and river, funicular railways and even a cable car between Adliswil and Felsenegg. The city provides good services to all the visitors and known as one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. Hotels in Zürich are also available in wide range.

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