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Genevais the second most populous city in Switzerland and the capital city of Republic and Canton of Geneva. It is located on the place where the Rhône River issues from the Lake Geneva. First time in the Swiss history documents; it was found as a border town. Dionysius Areopagita and Paracodus of Domitian time has been identified as the responsible one for spreading Christian religion in Geneva. It has been also said that Paracodus was the first Bishop of Geneva. However, other group believes that St Lazarus was the first Bishop. These Bishops were having high regard in the society. They are holding the status of prince of the Holy Roman Empire since 1154.

The city has service oriented economy and specialized in private banking and financing of international trade. The city is also the home of numerous international organizations viz. the agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross. Good public transportation facilities make accessible to all parts of the city and playing a crucial role for making it the favorite tourist destination. Availability of wide ranges of hotels is additional advantage in this city.

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